Volunteer Opportunities

Currently Upasuaji Africa has several university affiliated volunteer opportunities for medical professionals. We are looking for people who want to make a difference in the field of surgery in East Africa, who are open to learning about the challenges facing surgeons and patients as well as consider different approaches to global health.

The positions are open for a period of a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 6 months. These positions are not funded.

Current opportunities include teaching positions for surgeons within the field of plastic surgery, paediatric general surgery, and anaesthesia. Teaching positions for registered nurses or other allied health professionals in burn and wound management, intensive care, and plastic surgery.

Surgical resident attachments and rotations and global health research opportunities are available.

If you are interested in volunteering please send your CV to volunteer@upasuajiafrica.org with a short summary about yourself and what your personal/professional goals are in volunteering as well as how much time you are able to commit.



We are looking for someone willing to teach burn care/dressing/nursing for a period of 2 weeks-2 months at several locations in Uganda and Tanzania. Interested persons should have experience in burn care and be able to work together with UA director to form a curriculum for teaching. Volunteer should be flexible and creative and able to work in a stressful environment which is often lacking equipment and supplies.


We are looking for qualified individuals with experience with brachial plexus injury for teaching and hands on PT/OT for period of 2 weeks-2 months in Uganda.


We are looking for qualified individuals to help with speech therapy training specifically related to cleft lip/palate patients.