What We Do


  • Arranging and coordinating qualified surgeons to go abroad for further skills training within their specialty. When a surgeon returns to East Africa he/she is expected to contribute to teaching through Upasuaji Africa sponsored programs.

  • By partnering closely with teaching institutions within East African countries, we are able to identify programs and surgical services which are lagging behind world standards and create programs to bridge and close this gap.

  • Development of specialised units within hospitals and the training of nursing and other support staff to adequately care for patients needs pre and post-operatively.


  • Through our local surgical partnerships we arrange outreach programs to rural village hospitals where most have had no access to surgical services. While here we make assessments, perform surgeries as the facilities allow, and refer patients to the larger urban referral hospitals.

  • Coordinate international surgical teams to come to our partner hospitals for surgical camps and training.


  • One of the most personally meaningful of our programs is our work directly with patients in severe need. Through our advocacy program we work with the most severe of cases who have either been unable to obtain treatment or are in need of ongoing or extensive surgeries. This often means working with our international partners to find options available overseas and attorney's as needed to secure justice.